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Ali was excited to launch her 6th CD "The Look Of Love" in March 2020. This along with the other 5 albums showcases Ali's versatility and eclectic taste is music. Click here to hear music clips from the CDs recording, and to order signed copies.

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Home in Christchurch

As the world is hit by COVID-19, New Zealand takes the lead by locking down the country in an effort to eliminate the virus.  New Zealanders have come together as a country (in the most amazing way) to support the Govt initiatives… Kia Kaha everyone… and keep safe.

COVID-19 Boosted Campaign: Judy Garland

I was live on Saturday the 2nd of May (@7pm) as part of a Boosted NZ campaign for Wing It Productions

To give some background, in June/July 2020 I was to be part of a stellar cast in a very special production at the Hannah Playhouse in Wellington but due to COVID-19 to be postponed until May next year (2021). To support Wing It Productions pre-production costs that have been lost, Boosted NZ are donating $1,000 to assist with these expenses and your assistance would also be greatly appreciated to help match this wonderful donation from Boosted.

So, any donations to the cause are gratefully accepted on this link


COVID-19 Boosted Campaign: Judy Garland 


COVID-19 Lock-Down Song: Barbie

“As New Zealand moves into lockdown – level 3, Ali shares a little bit of delirious fun from her home to yours


COVID-19 Lock-Down Song: Blowin' in the wind

“So proud of how our special country (NZ) is doing.  Thought I’d share this little gem from yesteryear which is so right for today x”


COVID-19 Lock-Down Song: Feeling Groovy

Perfect time to learn the guitar during lock-down...


COVID-19 Lock-Down Song: What the World needs now

As we move into uncertain times: this song is just what we need


COVID-19 : Lockdown Message



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Spend an evening with Ali Harper as she showcases the Grammy award winner’s extensive collection – Close...

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